About the Blog

One thing I've noticed is that I have a lot to say a lot of the time. I like to analyze things, and I like to think about things. I can't promise that my posts will all be about gaming, because gaming isn't my only interest. I can't promise to post with a consistent schedule, because I might not always have something to rant about.

You can expect many posts about games because I spend a lot of time thinking about games. You can probably expect a post or two about hockey or music or a movie or any other topic that catches my fleeting fancy now and again as well. While the variety of topics will vary, the depth of the articles will not. My love of analysis makes for a love of telling people about my conclusions. I don't pull these conclusions out of thin air; they are seeded in logic and reason, and explaining how I arrived at the conclusion is more fun than the conclusion itself.

These are opinion pieces, and they represent my opinions on the matter I'm talking about. (It's a relief, honestly; I'm so used to being required to cite my sources that I almost tried flagging one of my own posts already.) Since these are opinions, feel free to disagree. Feel free to bring up couterpoints in the comments. I am always open to discussion, and I am always open to changing my mind if you make a convincing enough argument. I pride myself on being a creature of logic over emotion.

If my posts are enough to make you think for just a minute, I have done what I set out to do.